Modelo 720 aeat pdf download

It is required to file this form every year before march 31. The hacienda spanish inland revenue now requires residents to report any and. Over the past year, i have come across many an expat, not just uk expats, but dutch, belgium and german who have said to me, i am not doing the modelo 720 as the eu has ruled it is illegal, and also the spanish authorities will never find out if i dont declare. Apr 14, 2020 the deadline for filing the 720 form is from 1 january to 31 march of the year following that for which the information must be reported. The modelo 720 overseas asset declaration is it legal or not. The ec found that the penalties established for the modelo 720 are much.

Information return on assets and rights held abroad. In subsequent years you will need to resubmit the modelo 720 if any of the accounts are closed or if the value in any of these three categories increases by 20,000 euro or more. According to information from my home council body, the value of the prope. Recopilacion preguntas frecuentes modelo 720 agencia. Local authoritieswithholding and agreements procedure. I have a question in case you are able to help me at this difficult time. Presentacion electronica del modelo 720 agencia tributaria. Formalities information and assistance description. You can continue to fill in the form manually or import to choose a file created with the same form or with a program other than that of the aeat and that follows. Resident foreign assets reporting ec infringement procedure. General information regulations, guides and manuals.

Spanish tax residents are obliged to fill out this 720 form and make the tax authorities the hacienda aware of their fiscal activity in other. Filling in the modelo 720 for expats living in spain jean galea. Modelo 720 must be file for the first time if any of these blocks exceeds the amount of 50,000 and only the block in which the amount is exceeded and the consecutive years if there is an increase of 20. Modelo 720 is an informative declaration on goods and rights. This form must be filed by all spanish residents owning assets abroad, only if they are over the limits described below. Electronically filing form 720 tax agency agencia tributaria. Sadly, i have to tell them they are now wrong on both counts. I have a single property outside of spain and have previously filed a modelo 720 for it.

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