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The trials of norman finkelstein even for those likely to be sympathetic to his point of view, norman finkelstein can be a difficult figure to embrace. Finkelstein said there were 20 instances, in as many pages, where dershowitzs book cites the same sources and passages used by joan peters in her book, in largely the same sequence, with ellipses in the same places. Finkelstein is the author of many books, including the holocaust industry and method and madness, published by robinson. Dr norman finkelstein at the university of waterloo youtube. Go ahead hi, um, during your speech, you made a lot of references to jewish people as well as certain people in. The making of norman finkelstein reality asserts itself. We are all hezbollah finkelstein unexpurgated 1114. So norman finkelstein has a new book jewlicious the. Finkelstein has again written an excellent book on the israelpalestine conflict. Norman finkelstein gets ruffled by a question i could make you look. Youll notice how he complains about jews using the holocaust card and shedding crocodile tears about the holocaust and then uses his parents and family, who are holocaust victims, to browbeat the audience into submission and respect in order to explain why israel.

As it happens, i have a friend who is on staff at depaul university who tells me that the word on. Norman finkelstein slams crocodile tears for holocaust. In two instances, dershowitz reproduces peterss errors see below. Hd norman finkelstein jewish student crocodile tears. In this part of the interview dr finkelstein explains what happened when a. Above all else, we respect everyones opinions and all religious beliefs and creeds. Norman is does his best to inform readers about the facts.

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