Asa senior softball rule book

All eligible players on the roster must be in the batting lineup. The official bat for usa softball championship play must meet all the usa softball specifications and the requirements of rule 3, section 1, and. Asa approved bats and senior softball bats will be permitted at this tournament. Usa softball publishes an updated rule book for softball each year which is widely used by adult and youth recreational leagues in the united states and. The national softball hall of fame was dedicated may 26, 1973, in oklahoma city. You also have to be persistent in finding these on the asa site. You can also get the asa case book as a pdf, but, again, it is bundled with other stuff in this case, the clinic guide. They are not listed in the umpire gear pages, nor with the umpire training material. The hanover county senior slowpitch softball league will play by the official. International softball federation is strictly prohibited. Interference in softball covers a wide range of actions that impede, hinder or obstruct a defensive player.

Asa amateur softball association homepage certified slow pitch softball equipment asa. The wbsc holds two 2 softball world cups each year with the senior womens and junior mens u 19 held in one year and the senior mens and junior womens u19 world cups held in the alternate year. The online rule book supersedes the printed edition and will contain any updated rule or bylaw changes. Asa remains the number one softball organization in america. Ive played in leagues that followed asa rules but made up their own as well and didnt even use asa balls. The primary governing bodies are the american softball association asa, the national softball association nsa, the united specialty sports association ussa and the independent softball association isa.

Guidelines and rules of play cape cod senior softball. Teams should report to the intramural sports staff assistant a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the score. Bylaws shall be certified by the secretary and recorded in a club book, which. They set the playing rules for fastpitch and slow pitch softball in. Independent softball association hereafter referred to as isa or the association. What are the current rules and regulations regarding slow. Asa slow pitch rules apply except as modified herein. Asa has developed a user friendly, online training program that will assist coaches across the country in coaching youth softball. This page contains the rules and regulations for senior softballusa, humboldt classics senior softball association, its constitution, code of conduct, bylaws. Slow pitch asa senior softball resulted in 50 bats. The terms and conditions change above only applies to the ihsa state series regionals, sectionals and state. Games except when extra innings are necessary to break ties, island division games are 9 innings, marco division and gulf coast games are 7 innings. Pick here for general table of contents pick here for. This has never been truer than in 2004 when the usa womens team dominance at the 2004 olympic games in athens, greece became the top story of the olympics.

Blue book 60 is the top rated fast pitch rules guide in publication for 10 seasons now in the us and canada. The catcher must remain in the box until the pitched ball is 1 batted, 2 touches the ground, the plate, or the. The bat shall be marked official softball by the manufacturer or, in the judgment of the umpire, had the words official softball on it at one time. Rules govern all play except as specifically modified by these local rules section 1. Asa has also developed a new series of instructional dvds featuring usa softball womens national team head coach, mike candrea, andrea duran, caitlin lowe and pitching ace, cat osterman. These rules are sports specific to senior softball. The casebook is updated on a continual basis by providing amended or new rule interpretations. Senior ball may be used only in the mens senior 50 and over only pro. Any rule not covered in these rules, will be covered in the usssa slow pitch rule book. Asa rules will govern all games except as herein noted. Altered slow pitch softball bats can result in a ban of 25 years from asa. Only asa certified bats will be legal for tournament play. If a team is winning by 15 runs at the end of 4 innings 3 12 if the home team is winning the game should be considered complete. The official bat, made up of the knob, handle, grip, taper, barrel and end cap shall be free of burs, dents cracks, sharp edges.

You qualify for extra savings by bundling this product with the eligible items in your cart. It has 337 members with 125 deceased, including players, managers, umpires, and other suitable individuals. Each year, little league provides its constituent leagues with current little league rules, regulations, and policies that outline and define the operation of the program. And to stock up on stylish team usa gear that you can wear all year round, visit the team usa shop. The official bat shall meet all the requirements of asa rule 3. Rule interpretations rule interpretations definitions of basic terms used in softball, such as batter, fielders, base runners, infield fly, etc. All playing rules and regulations for the tournament will be governed by the current edition of the asa official guide and rule book with the.

What are the current rules and regulations regarding slow pitch softball bats. Wherever he or him or their related pronouns may appear in this rule book either as words or as parts of words, they have been used for literary purposes and are meant in their generic sense i. Please note that the softball canada umpire casebook is the property of softball canada and any use without the expressed written consent of softball canada is strictly prohibited. Well be in touch with news, updates, and ways you can help the team. How to choose a slowpitch softball bat buying guide hb sports.

As a participant in a senior softballusa senior softball world championships tournament, including qualifiers and international tours, i agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing i will. Abide by the current official senior softball guide and playing rules to the best of my. Girls fastpitch softball rules girls fastpitch softball. If any agreement cannot be reached upon definition or rule interpretation in isa play. All playing rules and regulations for the tournament will be governed by the current edition of the asa official guide and rule book with the following clarifications and exceptions. The organizations objectives include promoting safety and establishing uniform softball rules and regulations. Players of almost any age, from young children to senior citizens, can play slowpitch softball, and many play in leagues or tournaments governed by amateur softball association of america rules. There are also limits for web width for most of the assns. You can also check the senior softball association rule book page for more. Batter and runner interference in softball softball. There are numerous slow pitch softball leagues, but your particular league will follow the rules of one of these major softball governing bodies. However, a conference can choose to adopt this rule for.

Asa official rules of softball umpire edition sports websites. Golden seniors softball club of sacramento governing rules. Abide by the current official senior softball guide and playing rules to the best of. Factor or less, ssusa approved bats, or bats having an asa 2000 or 2004. To include all humankind, or both male and female sexes. Rule clarifications and plays welcome to the rule clarifications and plays umpire page. A full set of rules and any modification should be available from the league or tournament organizer. At one time 15 gloves were only legal for senior softball. With a few exceptions most notably the pitching technique slowpitch. Mens, womens, and corec slow pitch softball rules current a. Playing field exceptions the playing field shall be laid out according to the following instructions, supplemented by the diagrams at the end of these rules. In addition to softball world cups, the wbsc holds and sanctions a number of international softball events in various forms. Just because asa rules are used, doesnt mean that it necessarily has to follow asa field dimension standards.

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